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+Aesthetic offers a convenient and less stressful environment for pet styling right at your doorstep. Our stylists arrive (house/condo/office) in a fully equipped van with our own electricity, heating, air conditioning, and hot and cold water. No commuting, no line-ups, no cages, no other pets around, which means your pet receives individual attention. Your dog or cat will feel more relaxed in our calm and quiet environment close to home as we take care of them from nose to tail.


Having your dog groomed is essential for keeping their coat and skin healthy. We highly recommend booking appointments regularly. Long-haired and double-coated breeds need to be groomed once every 3-5 weeks and brushed daily at home. Short-haired breeds can be groomed once every 6-8 weeks.

+Aesthetic uses all-natural hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly shampoos and conditioners to leave your pet with a healthy and soft coat.

  • How does mobile pet grooming work?

    We are a fully equipped mobile, pet stylist. We will arrive at your home, park outside of your residence or office, and groom your pet inside our van. We come fully prepared and equipped with our own water (hot and cold) and electricity.

    Can you come to my work office or condo?

    Yes, since we are fully mobile and fully equipped with pet grooming essentials, we can service office and condo buildings. We can even meet you at the mall/store parking lot and groom your dog, while you go shopping.

    Do I need to be present during the grooming?

    No, you do not need to be present.

    How long does it take?

    Depending on the package selected, the breed, size, and behaviour of your pet, the appointment can take from 30 min to 3 hours.

    Will there be any other pets present during the appointment?

    No, your cat/dog will be the only one in the van. We always offer one-on-one service.

    Do you groom extra-large dog breeds?

    Absolutely. Our vans, tubs, and tables are large enough to accept extra-large breeds like Great Danes, German Shepherds, and Rottweilers etc.

    Which are the acceptable payment methods?

    Credit or debit card. A surcharge of 3% will apply to all credit card payments.

    Can you groom my pet to a breed standard?

    Yes. Our Stylists are familiar with most of the breed standards as well as being highly experienced with the more popular breeds. We encourage you to provide a picture so we ensure we get it right the first time.

    What does the special handle pet mean?

    Suppose your pet experiences difficulties during grooming and requires extra time or another groomer's assistance to complete the grooming safely. It encompasses pets who growl, hiss, bite, & paw at equipment or groomer, which can cause severe injuries to both.
    An overly aggressive pet may still be subject to an extra fee.

    What is the de-matting fee?

    A matted dog requires patience, caution, and exceptional skills, as it is potentially easy to accidentally cut a pet with nods to the skin. It is also painful for the dog/cat, which makes the job even more complicated, as sometimes they get aggressive. In addition, the stylist must consider the time loss and the money spent on tools; in most cases, the blades must be discarded once a matted pet is shaved down. Equipment maintenance is essential and costly.


    Do you accept aggressive pets?

    The pet owner must notify us if their pet has bitten or is aggressive. If necessary, a muzzle may be used during the appointment. We reserve the right to refuse/stop service for biting or aggressive pets and/or may charge an aggressive pet fee in addition to regular grooming fees.


    Do you provide service to senior pets?

    The grooming process can oftentimes be difficult, especially for seniors or pets with health problems. These procedures may expose hidden or aggravate known medical problems during or after the appointment, increasing the pet’s stress. We follow specific guidelines to protect your pet and our stylists. If the stylist believes taking your pet to a veterinarian is necessary, they will contact you first for your input.


    We strive to provide top-quality, safe, and efficient services to you and your pet. Should it be determined by OLI+FETCH that the process of grooming may cause a decline in the health condition of your pet (including physical/ emotional/ psychological), OLI+FETCH may at their discretion determine a modification to the grooming process or timing of appointment be necessary. Modification to the process and/ or timing of the appointment does not equal a reduction in price for the appointment, the client may refuse modification and decide to cancel the appointment, however, the below cancellation policy applies.

    *a minimum of 24 hours notice must be provided by the client for changes/ cancellations.

    *if a change or cancellation is received with less than 24 hours notice, OLI+FETCH may at our discretion require payment of up to the full value of the appointment prior to rescheduling or cancellation.

    *inclement weather may cause a delay or rescheduling of an appointment. All efforts will be made to stay on schedule. Should parking space, walkway, and/ or entryway be deemed unsafe the stylist may without penalty cancel or reschedule the appointment without prior notice.

    Acceptable payment types are debit, credit (Visa & MasterCard), and cash. Should the portable debit/ credit system be temporarily unavailable cash or email money transfer will be accepted.

    We reserve the right to refuse to service or reschedule an appointment should any pet or client pose a threat to our grooming teams due to extreme aggression, and other unusual conditions.

    Our teams will treat all clients (human and animal) with respect, it is expected they are treated in kind.

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